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With over forty years combined experience in janitorial cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and maintenance we provide a safe and clean work environment for your employees and customers. We service the local area office buildings, industrial and production buildings as well as independent health care providers. As a promise to our customers for the best clean around we use EPA certified cleaning agents as well as hospital and institutional grade cleaners. We continue to stay up to date on EPA and CDC guidelines and registered cleaners to be able to provide our customers with the cleanest work environment.


Along with cleaning and disinfecting we also offer floor care including but not limited to mopping, striping, waxing and sealing along with deep carpet cleaning. 


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Sanatizing & Disinfecting

Know the difference 

Making sure your work environment is clean is the first step in a clean and safe work place. The second is sanitizing and disinfecting, but what is the difference? 

Cleaning removes soil, dirt and organic matter from the surface using only soap and detergents, which contain no agents to sanitize or disinfect.

Sanitizing agent contain chemicals that kill bacteria on surfaces but do not contain chemicals to kill viruses. We follow the EPA’s list of certified sanitizers.

Disinfectants use chemicals to kill various viruses and bacteria on surfaces. We follow the EPA’s list of certified disinfectants. 

Disinfectants are held to a much higher standard of testing requirements for effectiveness to be able to qualify to be registered with the EPA. Many of the products we use are also EPA approved for Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim, these are available upon request or during a scheduled High-Touch Point Clean.


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Biological Cleaning

Rest Assured In Our Services

With the growing use of cleaning agents, sanitizers, and disinfectants, we offer a green alternative to chemical disinfectants and deodorizers. Since the increase of awareness on the importance to keep workplaces clean of germs, bacteria, and viruses we chose to offer our customers a safer alternative to the same clean, sanitize, and disinfecting power without any sacrifice of efficacy. Our cleaners are strong enough to kill the deadliest of superbugs yet gentle enough to use in employee kitchens and dining areas.


We also offer biological cleaners as a safe chemical alternative. Biological cleaners are bacteria-based cleaners that continue to work even after application. Safe and natural good bacteria and other microorganisms are used in combination with safe and biodegradable surfactants. The bacteria is what does the “cleaning up” of a variety of waste and orders. They break down grime, dirt, food, drink, and biological fluids commonly found in restrooms.

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